When a dust collector is installed, the tech will determine the necessary dust control at the hood. The tech will set and record the fan damper position. At this point the dust collector filters are new and will not have any dust or cake on them.
The dust collector has an automatic filter cleaning system that blows air and allows the excess dust to fall off and provide an average differential pressure for filter efficiency. With clean filters you have good air flow and velocity so you can have the right control of dust where it is needed. If the airflow starts to diminish, some tech’s open the damper to provide more airflow and dust control. There is a tendency to adjust the air flow dampers several times as the filters load-up before they are ready for a change.
When the filters load-up and new filters are put in place, the damper must be re-adjusted back to its original setting in order to obtain the proper air flow. Also remember the product process is the most important thing; the product needs to have a proper environment. If the damper is not re-adjusted back to the original position when the unit was installed with new filters, there will be too much air flow and velocity. Too much air flow can shorten the life of the filters, expend too much energy and result in the waste of money.
Solution: Place a black mark at the initial damper setting so you can set the damper back to the point when new filters are installed. Re-set when you install new filters.

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