Is it possible to change HVAC filters too often? This may seem strange coming from a filter guy, but it’s true. I’m making the example based upon a pleated air filter used in a typical commercial environment. A filter needs some time to “load-up” in order to get a layer of dust on it that assists in the filtration process. Naturally a new air filter is clean, however, once it has been in service for a short time a layer of dust accumulates on it and it provides additional filtration as well. The filter media is designed to capture the particulate in the airstream while allowing the air to flow freely through the system and either heat or cool the environment. If the filter is changed before it has accumulated a layer of dust, it does not get a chance to really do its job.

However, once the dust accumulates it begins capturing more particulate faster and close attention needs to be paid on the amount of dust that accumulates. There are basically three ways to determine when it’s time to change the filter. Stay tuned and we will create a discussion around that issue soon.