Asset Managers, property managers, building owners and investors strive to enhance the value of the properties they manage. There are many elements that impact property values.  Unfortunately, many external elements are out of their control: real estate taxes, market rental rates, construction costs just to name a few. The prudent manager or investor can see the big picture clearly but inherently knows that the game occasionally is played in the trenches.  One of the major expenses of a commercial real estate asset is the HVAC system.  Naturally, a system that runs well needs a well-thought-out strategy to enhance the overall system life.  Paying attention to the filtration component of the strategy is critical; the filters are the first line of defense for the HVAC system and they should never be compromised or misunderstood. Making sure that filter housings are not allowing by-pass is important.  The integrity of the ductwork is also easily repaired by sealing holes and leaks.  These things lead to greater system efficiency.

Take the time to work with a filtration specialist — develop a game plan to provide greater comfort for the building users, and delay costly repairs and maintenance.