hydraulic filtration

Hydraulic Filters

Clean, dry oil is essential for the maximum performance of your valuable equipment preventing premature wear. We offer filter elements, spin-on filters, cartridge hydraulic filters that use filter media’s such as cellulose, synthetic and blended.  We also, filter housings and associated parts that are critical to the long term health of an overall hydraulic filter system.

process liquid filtration

Process Liquids

Your manufacturing process requires unique process liquid filtration solutions that ensure you remain in compliance and protect the critical output and safety of your product. For food and beverage, chemical, paint, reclamation and many others. We can source the liquid housings and filters to deliver the most effective total cost of ownership.

engine oil & fuel filtration

Engine Oil, Lube & Fuel

Technological advancements are rapidly changing engine technologies, it is critical to choose filters with the latest technologies, media types and overall construction. High temperatures and increased pressures will require superior filter performance. Let our team find the right solution and deliver results your vehicle equipment demands.

water cartridges

Water Filtration

Filter bags, strainers, cartridges, housings, medias for a large variety of applications.

See our product offering categories below:

  • Meltblown
  • Bag Filters
  • Pleated Cartridges
  • Stringwound
  • Resin Bond
  • High Flow
  • Reverse Osmosis