About Us

Air adn Liquid Filters
The Single Source for all Your Filtration Needs

 Filter Engineering Corporation has established a reputation for the distribution of air and liquid filtration products and systems used in manufacturing plants, laboratories, schools, municipalities and commercial buildings. We area a value added distributor that has a large, international, diverse customer base and an extensive supply base (over 200 domestic and international filter manufacturers represented). Recognized as an industry leader and a full-range/full-service filtration provider. In addition to providing filters and related equipment, Filter Engineering Corporation provides filter installation and change services. Filter Engineering Corporation has a unique supply capability that is at the forefront of today’s industrial trend toward single source/integrated supply being implemented by small and large organizations.


 Our History

 Founded in 1946, Filter Engineering Corporation has been serving our valued clients with filtration products and services.  We began our journey as a filter service provider, installing clean metal filters and removing dirty filters. The dirty filters were washed, sanitized and re-deployed on a rotating basis. Over the years, we evolved with the air and liquid filtration industry introducing newly developed products that   were utilized within new customer application frameworks. Our manufacturing clients had serious maintenance issues with the life of   hydraulic systems, compressed air, baghouse dust and mist collection, system process fluids, coolants, water and wastewater among many   other challenges. Filter Engineering Corporation was then able to deliver on a full suite of solutions tailored to our customers unique needs.