What We Do

Our Service Process

Filter Engineering Strategy

Understand Where You Are Today

Deploy PropUV in HVAC systems and common areas

Upgrade Existing Filters

Employ Our BioGreen Solution

We determine where you are today with a baseline analysis.

Determine the right mix of filtration products for all applications.

Determine the correct and most efficient filter change schedule.

Monitor and adjust the filter service strategy as needed to deliver the optimal business case.

Filter Change Services

Filter Engineering Corporation has a full service installation service capability. Our experienced technicians perform the work in a professional and timely manner. With our 75 year history we have extensive system knowledge and look for potential issues and make exprienced reccommendations to maximize system performance and minimize the cost of service and utilities. Our goal is to provide asset sustainability to extend facility capital expenditures into the future.  Indoor air quality evaluation is critical to the services provided. Insuring that facility occupants have a safe and healthy environment is also one of our many goals.

Sourcing Filtration Products

With a plan in place, we will mix and match the filters, equipment and services that deliver the optimal performance. From HVAC, water, compressed air, hydraulics, dust collection and mist collection, wastewater treatment, exhaust air, vehicle oil, lube and ventilation, fluids, chemicals, high purity, HEPA and many others, we have the products and support. 

Creating an Installation Cadence

We establish a change schedule based on our intital findings, then adjust with a focus on driving down annual spend. Maximizing performance and minimizing downstream maintenance requirements. Not all units need to be changed with the same frequency. Local environmental and weather conditions can impact the cadence. Factoring local characteristics can reduce overall spend.

Equipment Evaluation

We evaluate exisitng systems and applications to determine desired goals and objectives. We frequently source new equipment to assist in the service of the filtration strategy. New equipment can reduce energy costs and increase environmental sustainability.