Filtration Equipment

Upgrade Your Filtration Systems for Unmatched Performance and Savings

At Filter Engineering Corporation, we specialize in a wide range of cutting-edge filtration equipment and systems, designed to replace outdated legacy products. Our new systems boast advanced technology, enhanced reliability, superior performance, and increased efficiencies, resulting in a significant reduction in your total cost of ownership.


Whether you require dust and mist collection, process fluids filtration, or recycling systems, our team excels at crafting tailor-made designs to address your specific application needs.


We understand that evaluating capital deployment for new equipment can be a complex task. That's why partnering with a trusted and experienced expert like us ensures the most efficient utilization of your capital—no wasteful spending, no inadequate solutions. We take pride in guiding you through the process, ensuring you make informed decisions.

Filter Engineering's experience, meticulous design, and comprehensive up-front planning are the key ingredients to success. We leave no stone unturned in delivering the perfect solution for your requirements. Through detailed planning analysis, we fine-tune the overall design, creating a valuable baseline for sourcing events from top equipment manufacturers.

We work closely with you to determine your desired application goals and objectives, both in the short and long term.


Today, we recognize that asset sustainability and total cost of ownership are crucial metrics in acquiring new equipment. Our solutions are designed to protect your investments and minimize the associated maintenance costs, ensuring long-term success.


Don't let complexity overshadow your priorities. We understand the importance of meeting safety and governmental compliance standards to mitigate potential negative outcomes that can be financially draining. Above all, we value employee health and safety, recognizing its critical impact on both organizations and their teams. By ensuring a safe and comfortable work environment, we foster a favorable outlook among employees, promoting loyalty and longevity.


Upgrade your filtration systems with Filter Engineering Corporation today and experience the true power of performance and cost savings. Contact us now.