Filtration Equipment

We offer many types of filtration equipment and systems to replace legacy products and systems. New systems have improved technology, reliability, performance and efficiencies that deliver an overall reduction in the total cost of ownership.  From dust & mist collection to process fluids and recycling systems, we can create designs that focus on the specific application. 

The process of evalutating the deployment of captial into new equipment is complex and having a trusted, experienced partner can make most efficient use of captial. Not too much, not too little. Engineering, design and up-front planning are key to getting it right. Detailed planning analysis can fine tune the overall design and create a useful baseline for sourcing events from various equipment manufacturers. Determining desired application goals and objectives are critical, especially in the short and long term viewpoint.

Today, asset sustainability and the total cost of ownership are also key metrics in the acquisition of new equipment. The best way to protect the equipment over the long term and associated costs of maintenance are very important. We take a “forward look” at each application to create the greatest value over time. Maybe a new system is not required.

Refurbishment of existing equipment can be cost effective. We can look at the performance deficiencies and recommend the replacement of key parts that will enhance the useful life of the asset thus the avoidance of unnecesary capital expenditures. Equipment upgrades and re-builds are not as complicated as they may seem. 

Meeting new safety and governmental compliance is needed to mitigate any potential negative outcomes that can be very costly. Employee health and safety are critial to both organizations and their team. Employees that feel safe and comfortable while performing their tasks tend to have a favorable outlook on the organization and will stay with that organization longer.  



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