Permatron Air Intake Screens

Introducing the extraordinary Permatron PreVentĀ® System range of air intake or ventilation inlet and outlet filter screen protection products. These remarkable filters are a game-changer when it comes to keeping airborne debris at bay, preventing them from infiltrating your precious HVAC coils/fins or circulating throughout your facility. With the PreVent filters, installation is a breeze thanks to their ingenious magnetic, no-drill fasteners.


Say goodbye to maintenance headaches and costly downtime caused by dirt buildup on your system’s internal components. Our PreVent filters are meticulously designed to simplify maintenance and ensure uninterrupted operation. They are the ultimate guardians, shielding all your valuable equipment, be it HVAC air intakes, industrial compressors, recirculating fans, chillers, or cooling towers.


These filters are not just tough; they are UV protected to withstand even the harshest outdoor and indoor conditions. We take pride in offering a rock-solid five-year guarantee because we have absolute confidence in the durability of our products. Crafted from top-tier fabrics selected for their exceptional combination of low air flow resistance, high debris holding capacity, and effortless cleanability, our PreVent screen filters are truly in a league of their own.

Visit the Permatron website at to see more applications and idea’s on how to reduce your annual filter spend.


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